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born July 1st, 1978 in vienna

early music education (recorder, violin, choir, piano, clarinet)
picks up the saxophone at age 20 (1998)
is accepted by a german music college (hmt hannover)
after only one year of study (1999)

founds successful cooljazz-band pure desmond 2002
graduates from german music college december 2003
goes to new york for 2004 (full tuition scholarship by new school)
goes to berlin 2005 (master-degree at jazz-institute berlin)

is invited to join Adam Holzman & Brave New World
for the group's europe tours 2001, 2006 and 2007

since 2006 collaboration with szymanowski-quartet
moves to hamburg 2007 where he lives and works
debut as a leader 2008 on doublemoon records: "diversityville"
works as free journalist (for keyboards, jazzzeit, a.o.)

since fall 2008 instructor at german music college (hmt hannover)

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